Friday, April 19, 2013

On Inspiration, Soundtracks and The Bucket List

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How are things going?

I've decided to start off the posts with writing about the basics of the very act, e.g. why, when, where etc. Also, I'll post the sypnosis for The Bucket List, so you can tell me whether it sounds good or not.

Okay, so. The thing about Inspiration is that you can never see it coming. It just hits, in the most random of moments, and demands for words to be written down.
To me, it's triggered by anything and everything - I can just look outside for a while and a scene pops up in my head; I can be listening to a song and it comes at me; it can be really anything.

I personally love observing: people, nature, how everything works.. it all amazes me. So what I do is look at all of the listed, and then I pour it all on paper, and eventually it all makes sense (unlike me right now, ha.).

So what I'm saying is, if you're a writer, and you feel like Inspiration just won't ever come to you, just relax. Go outside, take a walk, lie under a tree or go to the shore at sunset and watch as the waves slap over your toes, illuminated by the red sun. And it will come, I tell you. Just close your eyes and imagine.
Build a new world in your mind, and let it take over; let the characters tell you their stories, let them live their lives.

The other thing I wanted to write about is Music. You see, my two greatest passions are books and music. And one without the other just doesn't work anymore. So when I'm writing, I need to listen music.
I don't do specific playlists, I just either turn up the radio and listen to whatever's on, or put my music player on shuffle. But this time, for The Bucket List, I've made a list of songs that are quite new and represent either the characters, or the story, and are, frankly, awesome.

The list is in the notebook where I'm writing the novel, and I don't really know it by heart, so I'll write you a couple of the songs to see the general feel of it:

Nelly Furtado - Bucket List
Hurts - Miracle
Fall Out Boy - The Phoenix
Placebo - For What Its Worth
Three Days Grace - Break

and so on, and so on..  Anyway, I'm running a bit out of time so I need to cut this post a bit short. I'll post the sypnosis of The Bucket List now. I've written it myself, and I'm pretty certain it sums up the story nicely, but also opens the door of possibilities. So, I hope you like!

  • For Lena Collins, time is running out.
    Her cancer has returned, and she decides to stop fighting it. Instead, she wants to travel the world, dance in the rain, and learn to appreciate life before it abruptly stops.
    What she doesn't expect is finding new friendships, realizing what she's doing to her family, and Thomas - the boy who seems to be the love of her life, but with a secret of his own.
  • Will she change her mind and decide to live, or will it be too late?
    For Jason Collins, things were going perfect until one phone call.
    His girlfriend, Suzanne, is the most brilliant person he's ever met, he'll be starting a top-of-the-class college soon, and he has a perfect family.
    Until his sister's cancer returns, and it all falls apart.
    Now, not only he's losing his sister, but the rest of his family, his good relationship with Suzanne, and above all, himself.
  • Can he put the pieces of his life back together before they're broken permanently?

    Until next post,

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