Saturday, April 13, 2013

An introduction

Hello there!

My name is Tamara Bašić, I am 16 years old (almost 16 and a half - yes, it matters), I live in Croatia, Europe, and I am a writer.
And believe it or not, I have something published, which actually makes me a "real" author, but more on that later.

First, I'll tell you why I decided to create this blog. The thing is, I often find myself thinking about the writing process, about books in general, or anything that's related to both, and I'm always the only one who gets to hear those thoughts, so I wanted to share them with you.
Also, I am hoping to introduce you to not just my works, but works of so, so many other wonderful and magnificent authors out there.
Also also, I will post little snippets or even full chapters of the stories and  novels I'm currently working on.

I must ask of you one thing - patience. I will try to update this blog as often as I can, but realize, please, that most of my time goes to school and writing so I'm often not online long enough to post new posts and work on the blog. I will try, though, I promise.

So, to get started, I shall tell you something about what I'm writing and what you can expect and where to buy my work. (If you do, you have a hug from me.)

    (<--this is me, btw. I don't like taking pictures, but oh well.)

Soo. One of my stories, titled WICKED GAMES, was published in an anthology called DARK HEART by Little Bird Publishing House, along with six other incredible stories by seven awesome authors, one of them Katie M. John (Forest of Adventures, anyone? I loved it!).

This is the DARK HEART anotholgy
Wicked Games is a story about a girl named Ellie Price, who, along with her mom and brother, is a Fae hunter. In Ellie's world, there are good fairies and bad ones. She hunts the latter, making sure that They do not disturb the human world and do it harm. One evening, her mom and brother go on a hunt, and don't come back. Not suspecting anything at first, she goes into her room, only to discover a Fae named Will, exactly the one who she should be hunting, in there.
But Will is different. And has a very special, and even more dangerous, task for Ellie.
Can she find an ally in the enemy, and a very infuriating one, to make her biggest kill yet, or will siding with the enemy cost not only her heart, but her life?

You'll have to read it to find out.
And just to tell you, I gave it to my English teacher to read, and she loved it, so now the entire class has to read my story for English class. I don't know whether to be horrified or to giggle.

So, now you ask, oh my, where could I possibly buy the anthology? Well, I might just help you.

Amazon has both e-version: here!, which is only $0,99!, and
paperback version: here!

I have to tell you, ALL PROFITS GO TO CHARITY, so not only would you buy a book, meet new authors, possibly discover something you'll love tremendously, but you would also help an organization called Young Minds, in the UK.

So what are you waiting for?

Also, you can add the book on Goodreads: Dark Heart
You can visit the Dark Heart blog, where all the info is, along with posts about each author and their story: blog
You can follow me on twitter: @tamsbookramble (I will most likely follow you back, unless you are spam. I don't like spam.)
You can also check out my other blog, which is about me being a reader and reviewer: Tamara's Book Ramblings

Aaaanyway, there is most likely something else I wanted to say, but forgot (it happens, what can I do?), so now I shall leave you with a little passage from a novel I'm working on, titled The Bucket List.

When I get out of the bookstore, the sun is shining again.
I walk on the pavement, stepping right through the puddles of rain, humming a Placebo song that I'd heart recently. I pass people on the street, and they look at me funnily. I wonder if they can see inside me, if the cancer is crawling under my skin.
Everyone's still asleep when I return home, so I crumple the note in my hand and go to my room. I place the novel among the others on the shelf, and take out the notebook. Inside the cover I write my initials, L. M. C., and on the first page, My Bucket List.
I've heard the term a couple of times, and discovered it stands for a list of things one wants to accomplish before one's dying day.
Taking a deep breath, I think of at least a dozen things that I need to put on that list. But I know that there is something much more important and needs to be done as soon as possible, no matter how much I dread it.
I shut the notebook, then think about it and flip it open on the last page. Across all the lines I write two words, the first challenge:

(Just so you know, L.M.C. stands for Lena Marie Collins, who is the protagonist of the novel. There is one more POV in it, and it's her brother Jason's.)

I'm off to edit the blog (background and everything)..
I hope you'll like the blog, perhaps give it a follow, and enjoy what I write about.

Talk to you soon!

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